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Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, holding the Christ-child. Madonna del Libro (Madonna of the Book) by Sandro Botticelli

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Thank you for your prayers for our troops, especially those in harm's way.
 Rosary Campaign
Knotted cord rosaries for the soldiers and for veterans are still needed (February 2018).

   We are proud to serve those who make our country great.  Since 2006 our group has been sending care packages of camouflage rosaries, sacramentals, Bibles, and good books to troops serving our country in war zones, troops preparing for deployment, and wounded veterans.  We are here to support them in spirit as they give so much for us.  The items have been distributed to individual members of our Armed Forces through their chaplains.  Our benefactors include Knights of Columbus, police and firefighters, Catholic families, parish guilds and individuals from across the USA.  Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom is our patron saint.

Father, RP, and Knights standing near the altar

Fr. Hannigan and RP Randy Hoffman next to him
and the Chicago area Knights of Columbus.
Photo was taken at St. Joseph Church, Homewood, IL.

Thanks to the Knights of Columbus councils who have provided support!
   May God bless you for your generosity.

   We are a small group of volunteer civilians who offer our gifts and services on our own initiative.
In compliance with DoD regulations, contributions made through this site have not been requested or endorsed by any federal employee, active duty servicemember or branch of the military.